Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where is God in Infertility?

And by virtue, where is God in surrogacy? 

Chris and I have been talking a bit over the past few days about these questions. While I have been incredibly blessed to have been met with an ocean of support from my family of Faith, I understand that the choice to support a surrogate is not always so simple for the religious. In fact, I am positive that many of the strongest of Faith that I know are silently dissenting my choices. That's OK.

Many people ask, "Why does God let bad things happen to good people?" My answer has always been, "God doesn't just "LET" anything happen." So if you're wondering, yes, I do believe God guides us to (and through) the worst moments of our lives. Remember, he also brings us to the BEST moments of our lives. God is not Santa Claus, delivering only happy times and gifts. You can not praise the good without learning from the bad. God needs us to learn to trust him in ALL things, not just life's blessings.

That said, I believe God is ever present in infertility. In fact, The book of Revelations gives me steadfast assurance noting,

Revelation 21:4

New International Version (NIV)
‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’[a] or mourning or crying or pain,for the old order of things has passed away.”

I have a faithful friend who supports me, but not this decision 110%. It is her belief that those who are unable to conceive and carry on their own are being guided away from parenthood by God's plan. And that I might be interfering with His plan. To which I say,

"You're right. I am interfering. But I think that's PART of the plan."

God intercedes in the natural order of pregnancy through the bible. I knew of a few stories myself, but did a little research before penning this blog. Aside from menopausal Sarah, there have been so, SO many scriptural women left struggling for a child.

 (Check this link for more details:  

The women come from different stations, but all seem faithful and worthy of a child. In the end their outcome is all the same (with just one exception). God may never use the same methods twice but these women are all eventually healed by God and lead to parenthood. Why is it such a stretch to accept that modern medicine could be doing the same thing today?

I choose to believe that God uses his faithful in a multitude of ways. I also think I serve a creative God.

He places us near the people we need in the instant we need them. That's how I believe God is present in surrogacy. The obvious line of thought is, God has placed this beautiful fertile uterus in the rose lined path of struggling parents to restore their faithfulness. Sure, that could happen.

Probably more likely, is that God has placed a couple with deep faith in the direct line of vision of someone else needing reassurance. Perhaps it is that this story brings a neighbor of the couple to God. Or maybe teaches the surrogate a lesson in patience and faithfulness under impossible odds. Who knows?

I just choose to believe that God uses the strangest of ways to bring His people together, and always with the goal of bringing those people to Him. 

As it relates to Chris and I, we are so excited that God is trusting us to help Him create a new family. Allowing us to help another of His children. Because none of this is possible without Him.

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