Monday, February 25, 2013

Upcoming Flight

I think we all imagine that our lives are busier than anyone else's, but the truth is, we only know our own reality.  Work has been exceptionally busy, and with two small children to take care of when I get home, the evenings and weekends has been no respite either.  I love my babies, but sometimes it is very difficult to look into the future and imagine what life will be like with two babies AND a pregnant wife.

Mandy and I got our sailing orders, so to speak; we will be flying on the 15th to California to meet the Growing Generations staff in person.  This is cool for many reasons; firstly, the children will be with my parents, so we will be able to really focus on the situation.  Secondly, I have never been to Cali, save one time that I was running through LAX like a banshee, so the climate will be a new experience for me.  And thirdly, one of my best friends from high school lives in Long Beach, which is not a far throw at all from where we will be visiting.  So there is a lot to look forward to other than the actual reason for the visit.

Oh yeah, about that.  WE'RE GOING TO DO IT!!!!  I already knew that, but every successive step makes the reality a little more concrete, with a little more paperwork and more people involved.  I have only been lightly involved up to this point, interjecting my opinions and wisdom where asked, but this will be my first chance to really experience these personalities up close; these people who have been personally touched by the experience of surrogacy.  It should be an enlightening experience, to say the least.

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