Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Best Valentine I Ever Received

Happy Birthday to the best little three year old I know!!!
3 years? I can't believe it's been 3 years! 

On every birthday I love to remember the birth story. I hope it becomes a tradition when the girls are older to tell them how they were born (with age appropriate details, of course.) I am such a major fan of pregnancy and, yes, even labor and delivery. :)

This year I thought I'd blog Adelia's birth story so that my IPs could be a part of it too. Hold on guys, you're in for this experience yourself... in some form... soon enough!

Let's Go!

We headed into the hospital for the first time about 6 a.m. or so on Feb 13. My contractions were fairly regular and I was ready to go. The first sign that it wasn't really time to go should have been when we were driving to the hospital and I said to Chris, "I hear they'll only give me clear liquids at the hospital. I don't wanna get hungry, so lets stop at Big Boy for breakfast."  ...Sigh... Yes, I did that.

Once we got to the hospital and I strolled into labor and delivery like, "What's Up?" They put me in triage and monitored my contractions. After a whole night of regularity, they out and out stopped. The nurse encouraged me to walk around the hospital to see if they'd start again. So I did. I walked around the -whole- hospital. Looking back on this I laugh. I thought I was in labor. HA!

They decided to discharge me. Shocker, I know. They did give me an Ambien though, and said if it were real labor that I'd sleep through the easy stuff and have plenty of energy for the rough stuff. In hindsight, this was the smartest thing ever. I LOVE sleeping early labor away. :)

Went home. Took Ambien. Slept. 

About 4 p.m. I woke up drogy. I said to Chris, "Well, the contractions aren't gone... but They're manageable " However, I knew my sleep schedule was way off and that I'd need some tylenol PM to sleep through the night. In hindsight... this was stupid.

The contractions didn't stop. They got worse. Much, much worse. And my body was trying to sleep due to the tylenol PM. It was rough.

About 3 a.m. Valentines morning Chris said, "I can't listen to you like this, anymore!" We packed up and headed for the hospital.

In a blizzard. Our car was stuck. And I couldn't help dig it out. 

We called best friend Dave Cherolis to come help. But after about .. oh, 20 or so phone calls we gave up. Here we are, a woman in labor and her husband working overtime to get the car dislodged.

Once the car was free we went back to the hospital. No stopping for food this time. And I needed a wheelchair to get up to L&D.

Despite all this, I was still just 1 cm dialated. They said again, this isn't labor honey. But we'll put you in a room and leave you there, maybe things will progress.

So that's exactly what they did. Put me in a room and ignored me.
For hours. Because one more check without progress and they'd have to discharge me again. 

Dave and Mary came to visit. Dave thought it was funny. I muttered to him, "There is nothing funny here, David." and, "I'm never having sex again. It's too risky." ..ah, lines I'll never live down. Mary held up an outfit she brought as a gift for the soon to be baby. I was like, "Yeah, uh huh, thats great. Thanks." The look of dissapointment and hurt on Mary's face... HA! She understood better a few months later when she was having Luci.

Dave tells me when they left Mary said to him, "If that's only one cm, I am in no way attempting a natural birth." 

Here's where things get good.

Moments after they left I went to the restroom. Going potty was so so painful. I hated doing it. I remember sitting on the toilet and feeling like I had to poop. The thought of pushing and the pain made me so mad...
I punched a tile wall. 
I'm lucky I didn't break my hand. 
And I screamed in frustration. Chris came running in to see what was wrong. I said to him, "My body wants to poop. Right now. Seriously?" Mix in a whole bunch of curse words...

We got me back to the bed and he insisted on calling a nurse. They came in and wanted to check me. Probably so they could send the violent, wall punching pregnant lady home. Instead, they found a 9 cm woman ready to push. 

Things went very quickly after that. I signed some forms, got some IVs, had my water broken and even started pushing. It felt so, so good to get that relief.

The doc came in and felt the head, and decided I needed to wait 4 MORE HOURS before delivering. He wanted me to lay on my side for 4 hours to get the baby to roll to a more favorable position for delivery.

Having made it this far naturally... I wanted to complete a natural birth. But the idea of ignoring that urge to push for four hours was just unfathomable. I opted for an epi-light... It would give me a break and be mostly worn off in time for delivery so I'd still have the experience of an all natural birh- with a break in the middle.

So that's what we did. Four hours later I started pushing. It lasted two hours. At one point they suggested a C-Section... my response was violent. I did not just labor to and push through a natural birth to take that option to, "have it over with quickly" as the doctor put it.

24 stitches and some forceps later- Little Miss Adelia Paige was here. 

There was some concern over merconium in the fluids and the fact Adelia was born silently- no crying, but reactive and alert. But that all passed and there was no incident.

And a journey began. :) 

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