Thursday, February 7, 2013

HIV Surrogacy Answer

Is it possible for an HIV positive person to have a baby? Through surrogacy it is. But will my surrogacy be HIV positive or negative?

I received a few LOT of personal messages regarding our choice in this matter. Please know that I heard them all, but as I always do, made my own decision for what's right for my life. 

I just issued my formal response to Growing Generations on their request to join the HART program. Word for word, here is my decision: 

As for Hart... and I've given this so very much thought, prayer and
While we are not opposed to being a part of the program, I just don't
think this is the right time. I would be OK if my match wound up being
an HIV positive couple, but I would rather start my match process in
the standard pool as opposed to the Hart pool. As that is the opposite
of how the program works, we've decided to opt out of the HART
process. That said, if I am unable to match in the standard pool of
Intended Parents, I am open to revisiting the HART program. I am
hopeful to do more surrogacy journeys in the future, and perhaps once 
I've traveled the road once I will be more open to this idea

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