Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Do I need a seatbelt for this?

Just got an Email from Anna (my Growing Generations contact). Not going to lie, when I saw an emial from Anna with "Ready, Set, GO!" in the subject line my heart skipped a beat.

Maybe two. 

I thought I was about to see a profile. But alas, none such just yet. The news was still exciting though. Insurance gave my final approval and I should be hearing from the travel agent soon to book travel to LA for medical and (gag) Psych screening.

She also let me know she shared my blog with antoher surrogate. One having some tough issues in her early stages. Can't even begin to tell you what a compliment that was. She didn't tell me the surrogate's name, or her issues (and I respect the agency's discretion) but whoever you are, mystery surrogate.. if you're here and reading this now- I'm thinking of you and hoping you find whatever it is you need here.

So as the email closed I'm left feeling like I am at the top of a roller coaster, just before the first big drop. I'm wondering, do I need a seat belt for this ride?

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