Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Asked, and Answered

I asked my case worker at Growing Generations how they thought they could have a match for me so quickly, as they've yet to meet me in person. I'll be quite honest (as I always am) and admit I was a bit worried that they might just speed match in an effort to get things moving and start the cash flow. Because, and lets just be honest, they are a business. Perhaps one that is doing an admirable thing, but they are a business.

I was pleased to hear her answer, and learn I was wrong.

Apparently this blog is getting around. The fact that I have been so open here has given them a great glimpse into my personality. And that is so, SO cool to me. I never even gave that idea a passing thought when I started this blog, but now I am even more happy that I have chosen to be so transparent here.

That said, I have purposefully withheld things that Chris and I think are important in IPS. We wanted to consider my future IP's privacy. While I have no problem talking openly about how I feel about certain controversial line items of surrogacy (i.e. selective reduction) they might not share that level of transparency. Posting our beliefs here could compromise their secrecy around those issues, as you'd all assume I'd only choose someone who agreed with me on these key issues.

Anyway, I just thought it was cool to know this tool, which started as nothing more than a diary I envisioned 5-10 people reading ever, is becoming so productive and helpful. As a writer, I am surprised at how cool it is to know people are reading my work. That's been happening for decades. But my "work" has never been so personal, and I've never gotten such positive feedback from my writing. I don't think that will ever stop being cool.

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