Monday, January 14, 2013

The Snowball Effect

I posted earlier that the ball was officially rolling. What I did not anticipate happening was the snowball effect my actions would really have today.

I have spent hours reading and researching today. (This on top of the YEARS of research, reading and praying I've already done.)  After a few conversations with my husband and new surro-pal Jeni (aforementioned blogger-queen) I have made a few major decisions. Cue quirky theme music play and read on....

I will be filling out my second round application with Growing Generations Agency tomorrow. Sending it in, and waiting for approval. Once I get it, I'll be flown to California for my mental and medical screening. Once I get that all cleared, I'll be pairing with my.... drum roll... INTENDED PARENTS. It could all happen inside of 6 weeks. 

Now, not all first "matches" are the ones you will ultimately end up working with, but if all goes swimmingly I will be right on track for my first transfer and possible pregnancy in MAY. 

If you know me at all, you know why that's a big deal. I conceived Adelia May 5th... and Emrys May 31st. (Yea yeah... holiday babies...) 

Am I scared? Nope. I'm terrified. It's scary that literal YEARS of planning are now evolving into actions instead of just words. I'm excited, anxious and hopeful. It feels like maybe it's moving all a little too fast. Please pray that I can stay grounded and continue to make informed decisions. 

---------For My Intended Parents----------------

I shared a thought with Jeni tonight about this blog. I want to post it here, because after I re-read it I thought it to be rather insightful. 

Most of my blog readers are fb friends.
but, maybe someday what Im writing will make a difference. i started the blog so i wouldn't have to tell the story to a million people a million times after every dr. appointment. it very quickly has sort of morphed into my way of recording the history of this surrogacy for two people I haven't even met yet, my IPs. I want them to know it all. Not just the part they are around to see. I want them to know I thought about them and prayed for them almost daily for years before meeting them. In fact, just last week my husband and I prayed for them in earnst... because I imagine at this point in THIER journey, they're feeling frustrated and broken. if they're a traditional couple- they're upset they can't concieve. If they're a gay couple they're nervous. either couple is struggling with the potential costs I am sure. and my heart goes out to them

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