Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Easiest Choices Are Now Impossibly Difficult

Jusssssssssssssssssst printed the first 30 or so pages of my paperwork. There is SO much to go through I can't even think straight.

Am I crazy for taking this on?

The first form I find on the top of my stack?

Should be the easiest of all. Identify your OB and delivery hospital of choice. Except that I just moved 2,377 miles from my OB and Delivery hospital of choice. 

This stresses me out to an extent I can't really share. More research. New choices.Will they be right? No more comfort of Cornerstone Pediatrics, Kettering Hospital and Oak Creek OBGYN.. who I know and trust from two pregnancies and nearly a decade of experience. 

Kind of going bald right now as stress makes my hair fall out. 

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