Monday, January 14, 2013

The ball is officially rolling

Not sure what motivated me to make today the day... but I did it. I've reached out to a few of the major surrogacy agencies to make inquiries. I have be "pre-approved" by a couple... sounds like a credit card application a bit. Odd isn't it? That something so incredibly personal is handled so impersonally at the onset? Some handle my interest a lot like a bank actually... cold and businesslike. Is this best? Who knows.

Part of me actually thinks it would be best to work indy- without an agency... but I'm certainly not that brave with attorneys. I think I'd rather enjoy my journey than focus on the legalities etc.

In the midst of this, I did make a fun little personal connection. I met Jeni, who is an adviser for one of the agencies. She gave me the warm fuzzies after inviting me to read her blog of her surrogacy journey last year. It was fun to read it and know I had already made my decision as I watched her live hers. Her blog made me smile, cry and totally neglect Emrys and Adelia while I read it. Here's a link, check it out. Jeni's Blog.

I get the impression she's a sort of quasi-celebrity, but I can't help feeling like she and I had a personal connection and that perhaps we will wind up friends. Maybe. Her blog also inspired me for what this blog could be. If people read it. (No offense to the handful of you who do, but she gets like 10k pageviews to my 100. :) ) That said, this blog isn't intended for mass consumption. Mainly those who love and support my family and I, and those whose lives I am about to impact greatly.

On the note of bloggers, I've also made a new friend who has a parenting blog. While not surrogacy related, I'll share it too.The Rowen Tree

Other news? One day shy of Emrys's first birthday and ... ((over share warning))... I am cycling again. This is good news. It's well time for this to be happening. That said, I don't know a woman alive who celebrates her period. Well... maybe I do, but that's kind of the opposite of what this blog is talking about.

Em is also only nursing about twice a day. Once I start actively weaning her tomorrow, I'm betting she will be done inside of a week. I'd elaborate on the closing of this chapter.. but I'd cry.

These are two very positive steps. All that's left now is choosing the CORRECT agency, and passing my screenings. I am nervous about those. But there is no point in fear. It's not a test I can study for, and I still strongly believe God's will will prevail.

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