Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh the Paperwork...

Chris and I are slowly chipping away at the mountain of paperwork in front of us. We've read and signed our waivers and our earliest contracts with the agency.

Some of the fun stuff has been writing a letter to my intended parents. Hoping they're like what they read. The way the process works is that the agency (after extensive interviewing) will make a profile of my wants, needs and desires in a family.

They will then query that information against the clients they have on file to look for a perfect match. (PS- I LOVE the idea of having a neutral third party make the match. It takes emotion out of the search.) Once they believe they've found someone Chris and I will like, they will send us that couple's profile.

If Chris and I agree that it is a match then (and only then) the agency will send the profile Chris and I have been working on to the couple. The couple then has the opportunity to accept me as their carrier or reject me. The cycle goes on until both the surrogate and the intended parents find an ideal match. I am told company record is no more than three attempts.

Super exciting!


  1. It seems a lot like online dating at this point, only, with a much larger financial risk :)

  2. Loving the updates! It's moving right along! Yippeee!

    Also, really like the new layout! Very attractive. Selfish request...will you add a "follow" button? That way I can list your blog on mine? Gracias. :-)

    Hope you're doing well! XO

  3. Jeni.. uh yeah, sure..... Right after the learning curve catches up with me.