Monday, January 21, 2013

My Second First Post

I do believe I have posted here before, but it was all so theoretical.  We weren't really ready to embark on this crazy journey for several reasons which were beyond our control.  At this point, however, we are more than ready to begin the process, so with no good reason NOT to, we are starting.  There is plenty of legal wording in our initial contracts to protect everyone but us, so we'll probably have to go through the process of finding an attorney to represent number one.  It's certainly not the first thing I would like to think about during this process, but it is important, and you are a fool to neglect it.

Secondly, we build our little dating profile.  "This is me, and my wife, and here are our hobbies and preferences, and if you like me, give me a wave, or poke, or like, or whatever online button thingie you have!"  In all seriousness, it's a very important process, and I am excited to start snooping at people who are interested in help having their new baby.  How often to you get to window shop for THAT?

I have specifically tried not to envision a specific type of couple, because the reality is, the right couple will probably just jump out at my like my wife did, and no amount of wish listing will change that.  Still, narrowing down the prospects through some very general specs is probably a good idea, so as not to waste my time wading through thousands of profiles.  Or hundreds?  I'm not even sure of the scale of what we are doing.  How many people are out there right now looking for help?  Mind you, they have to be able to actually afford the medical processes, which are mostly not covered by insurance, so it's a smaller percentage of people who would REALLY like help.  Still, I imagine in a country of hundreds of millions of people, there are a handful :)

That's probably all I can say for now; there is still so much that I don't know.  Until next time!

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  1. It's very cool to read about what the process looks like through the eyes of the husband. We don't get that very often in the surrogate blog world. Keep writing, Christian. :)