Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello? This is your future calling ...

Who says a watched pot never boils? While it is true that I have been waiting for this phone call for a few years all day, the Growing Generations staff called me at 1 p.m. on the nose. I spoke with Lisa for exactly 46 minutes about a variety of issues and the big news is.... 


Well, mostly. There is still the issue of my medical and psychological screening but hey, they didn't go running after the first phone call. In truth, I was told the the story of why I am choosing to become a surrogate was a first for the director, and one that had touched her heart. Now, she could say that to everyone I suppose but I honestly didn't get that impression.

Given my former eating issues and body image issues, I am scheduled for a pre-screening phone call with their staff shrink just to make sure I'm not still sticking fingers down my throat and what not (I am not). So long as this person agrees that I sound mentally competent, Chris and I will be flown to California for a day trip to do my other screenings. 

Big picture? We're thinking after all clearances have been obtained and matching is made, it could be a late summer or fall pregnancy. 

It was odd to me to listen to this woman talk about the issues former surrogates had encountered. One woman who almost quit because her embryo transfer was scheduled the same day as her daughter's dance recital. Seriously? You volunteered for this chick... and your IPs have spent bank to make this happen... and you've both been pumped up with hormones so that this happens... and a dance recital makes you want to walk away? I don't get it. Perhaps it was the influence of said hormones. I guess maybe I should adjust my holier than thou attitude till I've live it though. 

In all seriousness, We did learn that I won't be allowed to travel post 26 weeks gestation... so Ohio friends/family will need to come here if they want to see us. But we have time to plan for that. 

Next Steps?

Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. Let the drudgery begin.

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