Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sneaking Up..Prayer Requests

So here I sit, in Washington State.

We did it, we made the move. And while I could post many a thing about the move, our family and our adjustment, I just want to post a snippet about my feelings related to the surrogacy.

Perhaps the most primary is that living on the west coast means that this decision is likely to be more easy than it would have been in Ohio.

I do wonder though, if my best friend, Mary will continue this journey with me. She had made the choice to pursue Surrogacy as well, but now with us on separate ends of the country, I wonder if her choice will persevere or not. I know one thing for certain, I am as steadfast now as I have ever been about this calling and  my decisions.

Along those lines, special thanks to those who continue to support me (to those who keep their doubts quiet) and to those who publicly and personally sent me notes saying they felt my move to Washington was God inspired to find my intended family. Your support means the world to Chris and I. Thank you for standing firm by our side.

So where are we? We are two weeks from Emrys' first birthday. This matters because that is the date that she will start to wean, and that I will contact the agency to start my FORMAL enrollment. This means that if all is Gods will and goes well, I will begin the matching process in about 4-6 weeks. FROM NOW. can you even believe that??? Kind of scary. Really excited. Once this decision was made -- nearly two years ago-- we knew this day would come. Eventually. It's hard to believe eventually is knocking on our door.

Of course, there could still be hiccups in the road. I don't believe they will exist, since I feel this is God's will for me... but even so... things to pray over include:
1. My uterus. Given my diagnosed "severe" tilted uterus, fertility and surrogacy clinics could choose not to work with me, despite two out of two successful pregnancies.
2. Failure to match. It's in my heart, but the process is double selective. I might find a family I want to help- but who don't feel I am the ideal carrier for them.
3. Failure to ovulate. With Adelia, I returned to normal menstruation within 9 months. With Em, it's been nearly a year and still no new cycle. Most breastfeeding mothers return to menstruation within 6 months. Although my surrogacy would be another woman's egg and another man's sperm, I still need a proven track record of regular ovulation to be a qualified candidate. I have no doubt I can and will ovulate again, the question is just when.

Additional prayers... kindly requested... include:

Please pray for my intended parents. Though I have yet to meet them, I think of them often and of the road they are traveling. At this point I bet they're down hearted and discouraged in their own fertility process. I pray that they will have faith, patience and guidance... in that we will find each other in God's time.

Also, being in a new city, I request some prayers for finding a New OB-GYN who I can trust to lead me through this process. I miss Dr. Little already...

Many who know me know I lost my "dad" in 2010... and my "mom" last month. He never knew of my plans... as they were just blossoming about the time he passed. And, In her final weeks grandma's opinion  of this surrogacy went from full support and pride to skeptical and unsure. I suspect highly that was the influence of the brain tumor... but it makes it difficult to proceed as planned when she died without a final blessing. Please pray for my peace in this, and some sort of assured blessing from her on the matter.

I think that's it for now. Expect more update and closer together posts as we get closer and then into this process.

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