Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Potential Life Hiccup

You know the saying... We plan, God laughs. I actually prefer the longer version, "If you wanna make God laugh, just tell him your plans."

Seems pretty true about now for my surrogacy journey. I am already worried about a tilted uterus that could make me an unfavorable candidate (who knows) and now an awesome job opportunity has us considering a long haul from Ohio to Washington State.

The good news about this is that folks out on the west coast tend to be more progressive about everything, so the laws should be at least as favorable (if not more favorable) in support of my choice to carry a surrogate child. I've done just basic research and it appears Washington actually has legislation in place to allow these types of procedures, whereas Ohio's legislation is unclear... kind of a "I'll look the other way" type of policy.

The bad news is that when we leave Ohio (read: if we leave Ohio) we'll also be leaving behind the large support network we have here. Apart from what it means for my own girls leaving their grandma and buddies, it also means that I won't have support watching my girls during appointments and the delivery/hospital stay of any future surrogate. I'll be in it alone.

On one hand I think this could be OK... it will force me to find a support group out there and make new friends. Perhaps I could even plan on flying in grandma for the birth to help me. (Most surrogacies are induced labor to ensure the intended parents can be present at the birth.)

I suppose there is no point in worrying about this yet, as we are still waiting on our formal job offer to see if it makes sense for us to go. Just seems like this big decision is coming on so quickly and I'd hate to have such a long intended life plan disrupted without giving it proper thought.